Jennifer Boe
My work is an attempt to organize a pantry of random, but interconnected thoughts all concerning the marketing and consumption of products. These products might be physical goods, such as household products (Ivory soap, Kingsford charcoal or Clorox bleach), or food (Snack Cakes, sandwiches or various cuts of meat from your supermarket), or they might be something less tangible. A product can also be an idea, information or a service.

I primarily use embroidery, but have recently moved into needle felting, gouache and glitter on paper. The art world appears elitist to some, but craft, perhaps because it has been historically devalued as “women’s work,” offers a more democratic and approachable means of making and viewing art. Also, because it has been shunned for half a generation, it is seen as something new to our tech-saturated society. Working with one’s hands is a slow, painstaking process that requires a kind patience that today’s society is unfamiliar with and flawed can be more perfect than perfection.