Jennifer Boe
Throughout history, embroidery has decorated and adorned furnishings in the domestic environment; religious establishments commissioned embroidery for ecclesiastical vestments and linens; and in many cultures, embroidery has been used on clothing worn during important life rituals for such things as christening gowns, wedding dresses, and funeral shrouds. Embroidery came to be associated with comfort, wealth and status. Today, it is associated with Grandma and kitschy craft.

Much of my work is about economics, consumption and consumer behavior. Why do we buy what we buy and do what we do? Why do we eat what we know isn't good for us; and love it?

I do not answer questions. The purpose of my work is not to affirm your beliefs, but to stimulate thought and begin discussion. Art is an exercise in mass customization; each viewer uses the artwork as a springboard to a different destination.